Run For Life

Göteborgsvarvet 2009

Like Stockholm Marathon we will run Göteborgsvarvet (21,1km) May 16th. Today we are 53 persons who will run for charity and it is a great honor for us.

As in Stockholm Scandic International will sponsor. Thank you very much Neil for your engagement!!

Stockholm Marathon 2008

Our good friend David Wiles has started a campaign to raise money for Måns. He will run the Stockholm Marathon (May 31, 2008) and has signed a sponsorship deal with Scandic International. They will donate 1,000 SEK for each person who runs the marathon in a T-shirt with their logo on. It would be good if other companies would like to contribute in the same way.

The organisers of Stockholm Marathon have kindly waived David’s entrance fee as their contribution to the effort.

We can’t emphasise enough the importance of the old expression “every little helps”.

Thanks Adidas for your sponsorship! The shoes will be useful for all of us..

Ystad Saltsjöbad will sponsor with caps and shorts, thanks a lot!

The runners were,
Neil Perera from Scandic International, David Wiles, Fredrik Rundqvist, Anna Hull, Benny Asp, André Svensson, Emely Möller, Mikael Tordenmalm, Magnus Nelson, Fredrik Resman, Fredrik Olsson, Susanna Sender, Joakim Liljedahl, Daniel Nilsson, Eric Jernryd, Annika Jersling, Katarina Johnsson and Claes Jeppsson.

The runners are sponsored by: