Our Family

Our family is made up of Måns, aged 6, big sister Ebba, aged 8, dad Fredrik and mum Petra, both 39. If you are wondering who the fifth family member in the drawings is, it’s Nine, Måns’ toy rabbit, who he is never without. He is as old as Måns to the day, and they are together come rain or shine. The blue person is Crazy Frog who is also a member of our family...

For the last few years we have lived in Ystad, southern Sweden, where we love living close to the woods, nature and the sea.

Måns started first year at school this autumn. Petra is a filmcoordinator in Ystad, and Fredrik is an Account Manager at ConsafeLogistics, a logistics company in Lund.

Måns and Ebba
Family by Måns
Family by Ebba